Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are asked why we didn't organize Genealogy Guys Learn into beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics.

A: We firmly believe that so many of us started at different levels with disparate documents that everyone would benefit from starting over again. This approach allows everyone to build or rebuild the foundation for solid research. You can, of course, use portions of the written courses or videos for the topics for which you have an immediate need. However, we guarantee that you will find important new "Aha! moments" in each course or lesson.

Q: Why can’t I log in to your site?

A: Check your browser’s security settings. Our membership software won’t work if you’ve disabled 3rd-party cookies. Either change your settings or use another browser.

Q: Can I update my email address or other personal information?

A: Yes. Log in to your account, click "My Account" to make these changes.

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: From the login screen, enter your email address, and then click send me reset instructions. To ensure the reset process is secure:

- Password reset links automatically expire after 48 hours.
- Password reset links can only be used once. If you click the link and reset your password, the link becomes invalid.
- If the link becomes invalid, delete the old reset email and start with a fresh password reset.

Q: What do the numbers mean after the video titles?

A: The numbers indicate the length of the video. A video with a number of (1:35:05) is one hour, thirty-five minutes, and 4 seconds long. A video with a number of (25:35) is twenty-five minutes and thirty-five seconds long. There is no way to bookmark where you left off but we suggest that if you must interrupt a video, please make a note of the time on the bar at the bottom of the video and resume there later.

Q: Why can't I see any books in the Our Books and Printed Materials pages?

A: If you are running ad blocker software, it will prevent the graphics and links on those Resources pages from appearing. Please refer to your ad blocker software's documentation and whitelist our web address, Then refresh your browser, or log out and log in again, and the graphics and links should appear. Otherwise, use another browser such as Safari.

Q: The titles of the books on the Printed Materials page are truncated and I can't tell what they are. How can I read them better?

A: You can move your mouse over any of the items on the Printed Materials page, pause, and the full title of the book or quick sheet will be displayed.

Q: How do you choose which books to add to the Printed Materials page?

A: We cite books and quick sheets in our courses and videos that we personally use and that we think might be of interest to our subscribers. You do not have to purchase any of these materials. Feel free, however, to seek out copies in your local library for your reference. You can click on any item to be taken to or to a publisher's site so that you can see the item more clearly and learn more about it.

Q: Can I purchase a gift subscription for someone else?

A: Yes. It’s easy to give a subscription to The Genealogy Guys Learn. CLICK HERE You will be prompted to enter the gift recipient’s name and email address, the delivery date, a personalized message, and your payment information. The gift recipient will receive an email with a link to activate their gift. If a physical address is required, the gift recipient will have the opportunity to enter it when they activate the gift. Keep in mind that you’re purchasing a one-time gift for the selected term (e.g. year). The gift recipient will be responsible for adding a payment method before the next renewal period if they’d like to continue with the subscription.

Q: How often are new courses and videos added to the site?

A: We add new content approximately once a month. We will announce new courses and videos at The Genealogy Guys Blog and on our Facebook Page.

Q: How often is your list of Useful Links updated?

A: We add new links to the list as they are referenced in our courses or videos. However, your very best resource for web links will be Cyndi's List.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: Log in to your account, click "My Account" and toggle auto-renew off from the Subscriptions tab.

Q: If I cancel my subscription early, is there a partial refund?

A: No. The subscription is for one full year or any portion thereof.

Q: What are the three little icons on the written course and video page used for?

A: The checkmark icon allows you to click and indicate that you have completed that item. It prevents you from duplicating your efforts. However, you can always unclick it or you can work with the course or video as often as you like. The ribbon icon represents a bookmark, and the star icon represents a favorite. These two are not currently used at this site.