U.S. Federal Census Social Statistics Schedules


Every genealogist is familiar to some extent or another with census records, no matter where their research takes them. The United States Federal Census dates back to 1790, having been authorized by ratification of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Over the decades, the formats of each census have changed, the volume of information requested grew, and the number and type of census schedule forms changed.

In 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880, the Social Statistics census schedule was used to obtain detailed information about social conditions in a county or area. The example shown below is from Ontario County, New York. You will find extent examples for surviving states at Ancestry.com at https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/1276/?count=50. In addition, the 1850 – 1880 social statistics schedules are available at the National Archives, and often at regional and state archives. The 1880 schedules can be found in most government document sections of public and university libraries.

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Lessons in this course:

  • U.S. Federal Census Social Statistics Schedules