Tutorials for Vivid-Pix RESTORE


Welcome to our Tutorials for Vivid-Pix RESTORE.  Vivid-Pix is the revolutionary new graphic tool that can color-correct and make photographs, documents, and other images more legible. It can be used on a poorly-digitized or faded microfilm image to bring out detail to make the image crisper. Newspaper clippings can be cleaned up, enhanced, and sharpened. And the nearly impossibly faded documents such as wills, deeds, letters, and other materials can be enhanced to make the written details jump off the page and open new research horizons.

RESTORE let’s you improve images, but it also includes a Metadata facility that allows you to add vast amounts of information about each image that can later be searched to quickly locate, names, locations, and any other information you have added for the image.

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