Evidence Types in the U.S. (2:27:35)


Evidence Types in the U.S. is an intensive look at different documentary evidence used by genealogists in researching their ancestors in the United States. It addresses the difference between original vs. derivative source materials, and the differentiation between primary and secondary information. All major groups of evidence are discussed, what they can include, how they can be used, and how different records can be used to locate others and/or to supplement one another. Clues and tips are shared to make you a better researcher through understanding the nuances between different materials.

This is a long video with extensive discussions. We urge you to pause the video to take notes and/or replay sections to clarify your focus. Genealogy Guys Learn also presents written courses and videos on many of these specific record groups. We encourage you to work through those lessons to further understand those topics in more detail.

Evidence Types in the U.S. is an important foundation for your genealogical research skills, coupled with the other materials on our site. Work through these topics in conjunction with one another to improve your knowledge and expertise.