Lesson 5: Subsequent Findings


Caroline Alice Whitefield Morgan did, in fact, remarry. She wed Thomas Jehu Carter on 19 November 1893 in Caswell County, North Carolina. She was required by law to abandon her dower rights to the estate of her first husband and she relocated to the home of her new husband in the Hightowers area of the county.

The termination of her dower rights commenced a new set of legal actions on the parts of her three sons by their guardians. Subsequent research into the probate court records contain references to the division of Rainey B. Morgan’s land and distribution in the names of his three sons, supervised by their guardian, Rainey’s father, Goodlow Warren Morgan. Additional research showed that the two elder sons left the area to pursue a college education at Trinity College (now Duke University) in Durham, North Carolina. They sold their portions of their father’s land to their younger brother, who was a farmer until his death on 12 July 1949.

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