Day 9: Organize Your Other File Drawers


When it comes to genealogy, there are hanging folder people, binder people, and people who use both. Personally, I’m more of a hanging folder person. Whatever physical storage medium you use, the organizational principles work the same, but I’ll use hanging files in my examples here. We’ve already organized the closest file drawer. How do you organize all the rest of the paper?

At the highest level, you may have one or more file cabinets. The ones that contain things you use a lot should be close at hand, the ones that contain things you rarely use should be farthest away (even in another room, attic, basement, or garage). Again, here I’m not talking about important papers, as those need to be in archival-safe storage containers and kept cool, dark, and dry. Instead, I’m talking about papers that could be recreated as needed (such as copies printed out from online images).

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