Day 8: Organize Your Browser Bookmarks/Favorites


Among the estimated 200 million active websites, there are many of some interest to genealogists. Cyndi’s List has links to more than 319,000 of them. But if you’re typing the URL for each of these websites, you’re wasting a great deal of time. Your browser has a feature that adds a shortcut for any site you like, so that all you have to do is choose the site from your browser’s menu. For Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari users, we’re talking bookmarks. For Windows built-in browsers (Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer), we’re talking favorites. (I’ll use “bookmark” from now on, as that should apply to at least 85% of you.)

I would be highly surprised if you’re not already making use of your browser’s bookmark features, although you may not use it as often as you could. I’d be much less surprised to learn that you use the bookmark feature a great deal, perhaps to the point where you have so many bookmarks that you spend some of your time trying to find the one you need. This is where a better bookmark organizing scheme comes in.

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