Day 7: Organize Your Nearest File Drawer


From day 1 through the end of the end of the 31 days, we have been and will be looking at a lot of different areas of physical and digital organization. But there are some underlying principles that apply to nearly any area to be organized. One is to keep things as simple as possible. The other, which certainly applies today, is that you should reserve the spaces nearest you (physically or virtually) for the things you need most often. The less often you need it, the farther away you should keep it so that it doesn’t get in the way.

Although I recommend moving away from paper storage, some genealogists still prefer working with physical documents. To be frank, I would say that unique documents, those that are difficult or expensive to replace (assuming that they can be replaced at all), should be quickly digitized and then stored using an archivally safe system. You can print copies of the digital images for your regular files. But what if you want to work with those paper copies on a regular basis? In that case, you’re going to need to file them somewhere close by so that you can review them as often as needed. So, the nearest file drawer becomes especially important.

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