Day 29: Organize Your Genealogy Expenses


Nearly all hobbies come with some sort of cost. Genealogy is no exception. While you can engage in genealogical research at a minimal cost, using an existing home computer, free software, free online databases, and how-to books checked out from your public library, you are more likely to want to spend a bit more in order to make more progress and get greater enjoyment.

Here are just some of the genealogical things that you may choose to spend money for: a newer computer with extra memory and with an extra large-screen display; a printer/scanner; office supplies; computer furniture; a good-quality office chair; filing storage furniture; computer software; database subscriptions; document requests; educational subscriptions; books; magazine subscriptions; local, state, and national society memberships; registration, travel, and hotel expenses for conferences and research trips; and professional research services. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it covers the most common genealogical expenses.

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