Day 28: Organize Your Research Goals


In episode #373 of The Genealogy Guys Podcast, Cyndi Ingle talked about thinking of your end goal. The point is that we often spend a lot of time working on things without considering what we are trying to accomplish. Our sense of what we are doing and why may be too vague. When we begin a new year or a new quarter, it’s an ideal time to consider and reconsider what we are working toward.

If you’re a new genealogist, you might have one very simple goal. You might be trying to identify all of your 8th great-grandparents, or you might be wanting to work on a particular surname line to take it back as far as you can go. If you’re a more experienced genealogist, you might have a few brick walls on which you want to focus your time and energy. Choose a goal that is appropriate to your skill level so that you won’t be overwhelmed but that is interesting enough to keep you motivated to complete it.

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