Day 20: Organize Your Correspondence


On Day 4 you looked into your email inbox (if you had the courage) and saw a lot of things that could be immediately deleted (spam, irrelevant items), and many other things that could be saved for future reference (newsletters can fall into this category, as well as information about upcoming genealogy meetings and conferences that you plan to attend). You also may have created a !!Waiting label or folder to put notices of things that you’re expecting in the future, such as books or genealogical records that you’ve ordered.

But let’s focus this day on thinking about correspondence in general. The concept of correspondence has been with us in the English language since at least the 1600s, but of course in pre-email days it referred to letters. Today, it’s likely that physical letters are a very tiny percentage of your genealogy-related correspondence, and are limited to those folks who don’t own computers and have never bothered to obtain an email account. Even so, you’ll need to keep track of any letters that come your way, so that they don’t disappear in stacks of other papers.

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