Day 15: Organize Your To-Do List


Keeping track of what needs to be done (for genealogical research or for anything else) can get complicated if you’re not careful. Some folks use a long piece of paper. Some folks put sticky notes all over the sides of their monitors. And some folks, like me, use to-do apps. I recommend using the simplest system, near at hand, so that you always know where you want to focus your time.

Where can you go wrong with your to-do list? For starters, by having too many items on it. You’ll be overwhelmed and will be disappointed when you don’t finish everything on the list. Solution: Make a to-do list just for the day (call it “Ready”), either the night before or first thing in the morning. Put no more than 3 critical things on it, with the most critical first. Don’t fill the list with trivial things.

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