Day 14: Organize Your Supply Closet


Back in the real world, we’ve dealt with desktops, inboxes, desk drawers, file drawers, and bookshelves. When any of these aren’t very organized, we can see the disorganization (assuming that you open those drawers). There’s still one physical area that can be quite the mess, and it’s often hidden behind a door: the supply closet.

Whether you keep your office supplies in an actual closet, or in a cabinet, or in plastic tubs, you’re probably already cringing at the idea that you need to do something about this. When was the last time that you went to get something you needed (a pen, a pad, some paper, some push pins, some extra staples, some hanging folders, etc.), and you simply couldn’t find them? So you spent money buying them again, and later discovered where you were keeping that particular type of supply. Yes, we’ve all done this.

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