Day 11: Organize Your Books


Got books? Silly question. You’re a genealogist. Of course you have books. Do you know exactly which books you have? Ever bought a copy of a book and discovered that you already owned it? (Did you ever do this more than once with the same book? Asking for a … friend.)  Clearly, you need a system for organizing and arranging your books so that you can quickly access answers to your questions.

OK, you already know the drill for how to organize. Keep it simple, and keep things needed frequently close to hand. That means that the nearest bookshelf needs to have the books you use most often. And all the rest of your books need to have some sort of order. Now, as a librarian by profession, I suppose I could make some sort of recommendation relating to how to arrange your books. Dewey Decimal? Library of Congress? Let’s go simpler than that.

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